Equals Mathematics

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About This Curriculum

Equals math is a proven multi-sensory math curriculum for students with disabilities at all levels of ability within every special education setting. Students learn foundational math and solve real-world problems as active learners, including students with significant and intellectual disabilities, K-12th grade.

Students begin by connecting their world and what they know about math to new concepts, building their math knowledge over time. With linked lesson objectives and vocabulary, Equals math provides multiple paths for teachers to provide support for their students as they learn and demonstrate what was learned.

Individual needs, for using math tools and manipulatives, choosing strategies, learning vocabulary, and talking about math, are met through use of the Action Dictionary with a variety of adaptations to support students’ language, motor, vision, and cognition.

Curriculum Features

  • aligned to CCSS, CCEE, Core Content Connectors, and individual state standards
  • research-based math methodologies with proven results
  • thoughtfully ordered and connected lesson objectives
  • pre-requisite skills connect learning to higher foundational skills
  • vocabulary linked and reviewed across lessons
  • assessment for placement and progress monitoring
  • digital web-based materials for demonstration and group problem solving

Distance Learning Solutions

  • designed to meet needs for teachers and for students at home with or without access to technology
  • parent-friendly activities linked to lesson concepts
  • identified hands-on materials typically found at home for students who require concrete materials for understanding
  • web-based Equals Technology Lesson Center linked to lessons for demonstration and practice with Equals materials and images
  • options: teach full lessons, extend lesson concept, and/or focus on review and skill maintenance
  • AbleNet videos for teacher and parent training

Student Engagement and Support

  • built-in supports within each lesson for differentiation and individual student needs
  • interactive manipulatives and graphic organizers for active engagement
  • hands-on experiences with multi-sensory activities and concrete manipulatives
  • real-world practice and application activities
  • teacher modeling throughout lesson
  • exploration of math concepts with provided tools and strategies

Teacher Support

  • lesson structure consistent with best practice math instruction
  • teacher’s guide with daily math lessons
  • fidelity training with experienced educators guide teachers over time
  • support in identifying IEP goals that matter
  • multiple ways to access AbleNet curriculum team
  • letters for parents encourage and support involvement