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About This Curriculum

Equals math is a proven multi-sensory math curriculum for students with disabilities at all levels of ability within every special education setting. Students learn foundational math and solve real-world problems as active learners, including students with significant and intellectual disabilities, K-12th grade.

Students begin by connecting their world and what they know about math to new concepts, building their math knowledge over time. With linked lesson objectives and vocabulary, Equals math provides multiple paths for teachers to provide support for their students as they learn and demonstrate what was learned.

Individual needs, for using math tools and manipulatives, choosing strategies, learning vocabulary, and talking about math, are met through use of the Action Dictionary with a variety of adaptations to support students’ language, motor, vision, and cognition.

Curriculum Features

  • Aligned to CCSS, CCEE, Core Content Connectors, and individual state standards
  • Research-based math methodologies with proven results
  • Thoughtfully ordered and connected lesson objectives
  • Pre-requisite skills connect learning to higher foundational skills
  • Vocabulary linked and reviewed across lessons
  • Assessment for placement and progress monitoring
  • Digital web-based materials for demonstration and group problem solving

Distance Learning Features

  • Extensive list of math materials commonly found in a home
  • Parent-friendly language and activities
  • Parent experience with observing and following models increase confidence
  • Teachers and parents working together enhances parent-teacher communication
  • Thoughtful solutions provided for homes without Internet
  • Curriculum team works with schools to addresses student, teacher, and parent requirements with necessary support
  • Taught with rigor teaching new skills, extending skills, or maintaining skills
  • Creative ways to involve students in learning that is relevant and engaging
  • Feel confident students continue to receive best practice math instruction with the same lesson structure and enhancements they receive in the classroom
  • Equals Technology provides a familiar format used at home, at school, and online
  • Quick parent training videos for using the Equals Tech lesson Center and teaching problem solving steps in everyday tasks

Teacher Support

  • Lesson structure consistent with best practice math instruction
  • Teacher’s guide with daily math lessons
  • Fidelity training with experienced educators guide teachers over time
  • Support in identifying IEP goals that matter
  • Multiple ways to access AbleNet curriculum team
  • Letters for parents encourage and support involvement

NEW - Equals Transition: Money and Budget

Equals Transition math is a set of lessons linked to Equals math content across all chapters. These lessons focus on applying previously taught math skills and problem-solving in Equals for use in the community. Now all students can learn transition skills appropriate to his/her current math knowledge while expanding their knowledge of community settings, jobs, and resources.

Equals Transition math reveals the value of learning math as students apply it to the real world:

  • Provides students the opportunity to use math skills in a variety of environments and experiences
  • Focuses on learning about living and working in the community and managing money, a bank account, purchases, sales tax, tips, savings, and income and expenses in a budget
  • Additional tools created for Equals Transition math include a usable budget template and representations found in the real world such as store ads, receipts, bills, bank statements, online transactions, and many more
  • All students can take advantage of learning how to apply learned math to be as independent as possible, beginning with applying the concept of matching objects learned in Equals math Chapter 1 to understanding how grocery store shelves are organized in Equals Transition math

What age/grade is this curriculum geared for?
All ages and all grades from Kindergarten through High School. Equals covers foundational math skills.

I used to have an account to access members only - do I still need to log into my account to access this information?
No, we no longer house Members Only on our website. Instead you can request a Digital Download of the content, or a USB Drive.

I have lost some items of my content or manipulatives kit, can I get replacements?
Yes, you can purchase replacement materials, please contact Customer Service at [email protected] to get the request started.

Can I use this while we are distance learning?
Yes, we have options, training, and resources to support distance learning> We will work with each district to fit unique circumstances.

How do I get manipulatives to all of my students?
There are enough manipulatives in the kit for a group of 6-10 students. Students are taught in small groups and can share or take turns with the manipulatives.

Can I use this curriculum in a home school setting for my child?
Yes. We provide the same training for parents as we do for teachers at no cost.

Is this an online/electronic curriculum?
We have adapted the curriculum to be E-Learning/Distant Learning friendly, however the Teacher Guides, Assessment, and Vocab Cards are all in paper format.

Do I need a yearly subscription/license for this curriculum?
No. Once you purchase our Curriculum you have purchased all rights to it and are able to use this same kit year after year with your students.

I want to make sure this is a good fit for my class, can I loan this product before I purchase it?
The good news is we’ll schedule a thorough walk-walkthrough webinar. The walk-through is scheduled with a member of our curricular team. This gives you access to ask questions directly to our curricular team. To request an online walk-through, please contact [email protected] and they will assist you in speaking with the right person to get this initiated.

Is the assessment based on a state standard, or is it based on your studies/AbleNet Standard? Is it a test?
The assessment is for placement in Equals based on the student’s math knowledge and to measure progress within the curriculum. It measures benchmark lesson objectives taken from Equals Math from Chapter 1 through Chapter 10 across all Math Content areas (Numbers and Operations, Geometry, Measurement, Data and Probability, and Algebra).

What is included in the Manipulative Kit?
You can find a PDF referencing this information here.