LITTLE Step-by-Step Choice with Levels

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LITTLE Step-by-Step Choice with Levels provides an exciting option for easy-tech, quick-ready communication. Unlike the LITTLE Step-by-Step with Levels, the LITTLE Step-by-Step Choice with Levels allows you to skip over a message without it playing in its entirety. By pressing the activation surface repeatedly, you can skip over multiple messages to get to your desired message. When you find the message you are looking for, release the activation surface and the message will play in its entirety. This is a great tool for answering multiple-choice questions, or communicating desires among a list of options.

LITTLE Step-by-Step Choice with Levels Features:

  • Switch tops included: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
  • Better-than-ever digital sound
  • "Choose your message" choice function

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Technical Specifications

The device is not playing messages or plays them intermittently.

  • We recommend replacing the battery. If the battery is low or dead it can cause issues with playback and recording. We recommend using a regular alkaline battery. If you use a battery that is labeled “Heavy Duty”, “Industrial Grade”, or “ProCell” it is likely causing the issue. They handle power draw differently than regular alkaline batteries, and when used in our devices they react like low/dead batteries.
  • Check that you have a message recorded on the device. If the Record light flashes yellow one time when the when the Switch Top is pressed it indicates that there is not a message recorded. If the light flashes red one time when the switch top is pressed the device is attempting to playback a recording.
  • Release all recordings from the device. You can do this by pressing and holding the record button (8-15 sec) until you hear a beep. This is called a “Master Clear” and can help in resolving anomalous issues of this type.

How do I clear all messages off the device?
Click here to watch a short video demonstrating how to perform these steps to clear all messages.
  1. Turn the device on.
  2. Press and hold the Record button until the LED flashes and you hear a beep sound from the device’s speaker.
  3. All recorded messages are now erased from the memory of the device.

The device is only playing one message or is not progressing through all recorded messages.
This occurs when the first message has not been interrupted to progress to the next message.
  • Start each recording with a prompt message for each message in your level, pause for a few seconds, and then continue recording the message. This will give the user a choice in which message to allow playback at any specific time.
  • Record longer messages. This will give time for a user to react to a prompt message or progress to the next message.
  • For short messages record “Blank Space” by continuing to record once you have finished speaking. This will allow the user to have enough time to go to the next message should they allow it to completely play through.
  • If a message plays to its completion it will automatically revert to the first message on that level when attempting new playback.

Message is not repeating.
The device has a repeat function to allow you to play a message over and over with each button press. To activate this function:
  • Play the message you want to repeat.
  • Press the Record button one time after the message has ended. The selected message will now repeat with each activation of the switch top.
  • To continue to the next message, press Record Button one time.

Toy or appliance is not working.
There are advanced features of the device that will allow it to perform functions similarly to a switch. To set this feature up:
  • Press and hold the record switch until the red LED turns on, then release the switch.
  • Press and hold the switch top down to record a message.
  • While recording this message, tap the record button one time to assign a toy/appliance output to it.
  • When finished recording your message you may release the switch top.
  • When finished recording all messages tap the record switch one last time to exit record mode.
  • Now when the message is played, an attached toy or appliance will activate for the length of the recorded message.

The colored switch cap comes off while using the device. Is there a way to secure it so it doesn’t come off as easily?

To better secure your switch top to the body of your device, we recommend adding a small amount of semi-permanent adhesive to the threads of the switch top. This will provide additional resistance to help hold the switch top in place.

We recommend the following adhesives:
  • Elmer’s School Glue
  • Any hot glue from a hot glue crafting gun
  • Any thread seal tape (otherwise known as plumber’s tape)
  • Any removable mounting or poster putty

This product is compliant with Medical Device Regulation 2017/45. Click here to download the declaration of conformity.

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