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BIG Step-by-Step GamePlay

Product Number: 10004300
BIG Step-by-Step GamePlay is no longer available.

Availability: Discontinued

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BIG Step-by-Step GamePlay is no longer available.

Alternate product options: LITTLE Step-by-Step GamePlay #10003900

If you have anyone who requires the larger target area of the BIG Step-by-Step GamePlay, please recommend that they use a Big Red Switch or a Big Buddy Button with the LITTLE Step-by-Step GamePlay

Additional Information

Activation Type Pressure
Recording Time 4-Minutes
Number of Message Locations Multiple sequential messages
Number of Toy/Appliance Output(s) 1
Number of Switch Input(s) 1
Feedback Auditory
Battery Type 9-Volt battery
Weight 15.5-oz
Weight - Metric 439-g
Portability N/A
Mounting Plate AbleNet Universal Mounting Plate
HCPCS Code E2500
Product Waranty 2-Year Limited Warranty

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