Mini Beamer Receiver

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About This Product

The Mini Beamer Receiver provides the same great functionality as the SLAT receiver, but comes with a modern look, small form factor, rechargeable battery, and digital display.

Mini Beamer Receiver features:

  • Switch Type: Electronic
  • Connection Type: Wireless
  • Activation Type: N/A
  • Activation Surface: N/A
  • Activating Force: N/A
  • Travel Before Activation: N/A
  • Feedback: N/A
  • Plug Size: 1/8-in/3.5mm Mono plug to plug cable (included)
  • Mounting Plate: Universal Mounting Plate

How can I maximize the battery life of the device?

  1. Keep your device and its battery at room temperature.
  2. Avoid completely discharging the device’s battery.
  3. When storing the device for extended periods, charge the battery to about 60% and then put it in a cool, dry place.
Which transmitters can be used to activate the Mini Beamer Receiver?
AbleNet's Mini Beamer Transmitter, Jelly Beamer, and Big Beamer can all be used with the Mini Beamer Receiver.

How do I know when the battery is charging or charged?
There is an indicator on the screen in the shape of a battery. When the battery is flashing it is charging. When the battery stops flashing and shows 3 bars, the battery is fully charged.

Can you use a Bluetooth switch to connect to the Mini Beamer Receiver?
The Mini Beamer Receiver does not accept input from Bluetooth switches.

Can the Mini Beamer Receiver be used to control an iPad?
The Mini Beamer Receiver would need to be connected to a Switch Interface such as the Blue2 or Hook+ to allow the receiver to connect to the iPad.

How do you reset the Mini Beamer Receiver?
Turn the Mini Beamer Receiver on. Then insert a small paper clip or pin into the small hole labeled RESET. There is a small switch that you will press for 3-5 seconds, which will reset the device.

This product is compliant with Medical Device Regulation 2017/45. Click here to download the declaration of conformity.

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