Let Them Be Heard

Join us in our mission to shatter the model on how funded speech devices are delivered and make communication a basic human right.

Medical Grade Assistive Technology

AbleNet's ableSAFE assistive technology complies with Europe's Medical Device Regulation (MDR) requirements and is listed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. AbleNet's rigorous testing protocols, manufacturing quality standards, and proprietary processes are what make AbleNet assistive technology ableSAFE.

Remarkable Ideas

Caramel Apple Bites

With Fall approaching and apples ready to be picked, this Remarkable Idea is a great activity to do with students. Students will have fun cooking this tasty treat!

Pumpkin is a Fruit?

This Remarkable Idea, students learn that a pumpkin is more than just a decoration, it’s a fruit!


Making Math Relevant and Meaningful: Hands-on Activities to Engage Learners with Severe and Multiple Disabilities

In this highly practical webinar session focusing on Mathematics instructional activities, participants will gain skills in planning and delivering academic content integrated with functional activities to advance the learning outcomes.

The World Returns to Somewhat Normal: Now I Have All These New Tools - How Can I Be Sure I Won’t Forget About Them?

In this hands-on session, participants will become familiar with Task-Tool matrices that other educators have made as “Quick Start Guides” for remembering tools they found effective during the pandemic.