Let Them Be Heard

Join us in our mission to shatter the model on how funded speech devices are delivered and make communication a basic human right.

Medical Grade Assistive Technology

AbleNet's ableSAFE assistive technology complies with Europe's Medical Device Regulation (MDR) requirements and is listed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. AbleNet's rigorous testing protocols, manufacturing quality standards, and proprietary processes are what make AbleNet assistive technology ableSAFE.

Remarkable Ideas

Let's Make Hot Chocolate

In this Remarkable Idea, students can collaborate to make a delicious hot drink, which they can then go on to drink and share. This task is a great team builder.

Building a Snowman

In this Remarkable Idea, students work together as they take turns stapling together three sets of circles to make a snowman.


Role of the SLP in a Verbal Behavior Classroom

The SLP plays an integral role as a multidisciplinary team member in a Verbal Behavior (VB) classroom. This training will provide and overview of VB, as well as suggestions for collaboration with team members within a VB classroom. The similarities between VB and speech therapy will also be discussed.

Joyful Learning: Engage and Advance Young Learners with Significant and Complex Learning Needs

Young learners with significant disabilities – with cognitive and communication difficulties who may also have physical, sensory and behavioral needs – require instructional delivery that maximizes their learning opportunities and minimizes the barriers to attain desired learning outcomes.

This webinar will guide you on how to deliver learning opportunities with a hands-on, playful approach to motivate and sustain learner attention and advance their growth and development in cognitive, language and communication, social-emotional skills.