Let Them Be Heard

Join us in our mission to shatter the model on how funded speech devices are delivered and make communication a basic human right.

Medical Grade Assistive Technology

AbleNet's ableSAFE assistive technology complies with Europe's Medical Device Regulation (MDR) requirements and is listed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. AbleNet's rigorous testing protocols, manufacturing quality standards, and proprietary processes are what make AbleNet assistive technology ableSAFE.

Remarkable Ideas

Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.?

In this Remarkable Idea, students will learn about the life of the man who changed our nation, Martin Luther King, Jr., and how his ideologies are still relevant in the classroom, school, and community today.

100th Day of School

In this Remarkable Idea, explore the number 100 and improve students' number sense. The hundredth day of school is an exciting opportunity for students to explore the number 100 through activities, discussions, and art projects allowing students to gain a better understanding of what the number 100 means to them.


Children with ASD: Understanding and responding to the Communication, Behavioral and Social Characteristics

Children with autism spectrum disorder tend to process and respond to information in the environment in unique and unusual ways which frequently present challenges to educators and families. This session will illustrate how to better understand the characteristics of children with ASD and the underlying factors that contribute to their problem behaviors in order to provide individualized supports and interventions to maximize their academic, social, and behavioral outcomes.

Switch Assessment, Part 3: Determining the Best Switch Type and Location for Clients Aren't Engaged

This webinar will present assessment strategies to determine the optimal switch type and location for clients that are not engaged. It can be challenging to entice these clients to activate the switch and see it as a tool. Newly updated!