Let Them Be Heard

Join us in our mission to shatter the model on how funded speech devices are delivered and make communication a basic human right.

Medical Grade Assistive Technology

AbleNet's ableSAFE assistive technology complies with Europe's Medical Device Regulation (MDR) requirements and is listed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. AbleNet's rigorous testing protocols, manufacturing quality standards, and proprietary processes are what make AbleNet assistive technology ableSAFE.

Remarkable Ideas

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle for Earth Day

In this Remarkable Idea, we learn about, and practice these three things to help protect the environment.


Classroom Baseball

In this Remarkable Idea, your students will be able to participate in a modified game of America's favorite pass time. This is a classroom-based activity that doesn't involve bats, balls, or broken windows!


How Do We Learn? Engaging Individuals with a Variety of Needs Across the Lifespan

Every individual has a unique way of learning. This webinar is designed to help you on your journey of discovering how individuals learn, to better engage and teach them.