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Computer and Tablet Access

  • Blue2 FT
    Blue2 FT front

    Blue2 FT

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    About Go wireless with your switch access to a tablet, computer, mobile phone, or other devices with a Bluetooth connection. The Blue2 FT accessibility switch uses highly-sensitive proximity sensor technology for activation. Any time the user is near or...

  • Hitch 2
    Hitch 2.0

    Hitch 2

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    Hitch 2 is a plug-and-play USB computer switch interface with inputs for up to five switches or one joystick with a 9-pin D plug. When used with switch accessible software, users are able to control their computer, actively learn, and have fun. For macOS...

  • BIGtrack 2
    BIGtrack Trackball

    BIGtrack 2

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    BIGtrack 2 is a USB mouse that includes a large 3-in / 7.62-cm trackball. The sturdy base of BIGtrack 2 allows the user to easily move and position the mouse cursor on the computer screen while using fine or gross motor movements of the hand, arm, or...

  • Chester Mouse
    Chester Mouse

    Chester Mouse


    A small computer mouse with no scroll wheel, about half the size of a standard mouse with one large green button that serves as the left-click. Helps young users or anyone just learning mouse skills understand what the left button does on a mouse without...

  • KinderBoard


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    KinderBoard is a plug-and-play USB keyboard for Windows computers. Color-coded consonants, vowels, numbers, and punctuation marks help those new to typing learn their character sets. Included on the keyboard are two USB 2.0 ports.