Arctic Exploration

In this Remarkable Idea, a sensory-based activity, students will find objects hidden in “snow” that they create from common household objects.

This activity addresses:

  • Social skills
  • Choice making
  • Cause and effect
  • Fine motor skills
  • Sensory
  • Alternative methods of access

What you need:

  • Step-by-Step
  • TalkingBrix (2) with "yes" and "no" symbols
  • PowerLink 4
  • Jelly Bean switch
  • Bowl or plastic bin
  • 1kg sodium bicarbonate
  • Approximately 2 cans of shaving cream (not gel)
  • Manipulatives for students to find in the snow (letters, numbers, colored objects, etc.) following multi-step directions


1. On the Step-by-Step record all of the objects you plan on placing in the snow.
2. Record “yes” and “no” on TalkingBrix.
2. Create “yes” and “no” symbol overlays using the AbleNet Symbol Overlay Maker app.

What to do:

1. Pour 1kg (approximately 7 cups) sodium bicarbonate into a bowl and have a student activate the mixer using the PowerLink 4 and Jelly Bean switch .
2. Add shaving cream until a snow-like consistency is achieved (approximately 1.5-2 cans).
3. Transfer the snow from the mixing bowl to the plastic bin and add in your manipulatives.
4. Students take turns activating the Step-by-Step and finding the object given by the Step-by-Step.
5. When a student finds an object, they activate the TalkingBrix to answer the question: “Is that what you were looking for?” If it is not what they were looking for, they may look again or another classmate could take a turn looking. Continue until all objects are found.