Caramel Apple Bites | AbleNet, Inc.

With Fall approaching and apples ready to be picked, this Remarkable Idea is a great activity to do with students. Students will have fun cooking this tasty treat!

This activity addresses:

  • Following instructions
  • Measuring ingredients
  • Functional cooking skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Alternative methods of access

What you need:

  • Step-by-Step
  • Big, Jelly or Mini Beamer Transmitter
  • PowerLink 4
  • BIG or LITTLEmack
  • One bag of caramels or caramel bits, and caramel toppings such as sprinkles (optional)
  • 6 apples and apple slicer or knife
  • 2 Tablespoons of milk (can substitute water)
  • Toothpicks, paper plates, and small paper cups (optional)
  • Apple slicer or knife
  • Toothpicks
  • Brown and green construction paper
  • Whisk (optional)


1. Record “A tree”, “The ground” on a BIG or LITTLEmack.
2. Record various things you can make using apples on a Step-by-Step (pies, jam, butter, muffins, applesauce, caramel apples).
3. Cut apples into bite-sized pieces and place toothpicks in them. If you do this far in advance refrigerate the apples to keep them from turning brown. Alternatively, apples can be cut into bigger pieces and wedged into a whisk for students who may not be able to hold a toothpick for dipping.
4. On a bulletin board or wall in the room, make an empty tree with leaves on which students can hang the plate apples they make.

What to do:

1. Discuss apples with the class.
“Does anyone know what this is (hold up an apple)? That’s right, it’s an apple! Where do apples come from, a tree or the ground?” (Students use BIG or LITTLEmack to answer)
“Today we are going to pick apples and make something out of them. Does anyone know what we can make using apples? (Students use Step-by-Step to answer)
“Today we are going to make caramel apple bites.”
2. Have students place caramel candies in a bowl to be melted. Measure out 2 tablespoons of milk or water and add it to the bowl.
3. Melt the caramel candies, which can be done a few ways: Using a microwave, using a slow cooker, or a stove top. If you use a slow cooker, place water at the bottom and add the candies in a heat tolerant bowl. Students can turn the slow cooker on using the PowerLink 4 and a Big, Jelly or Mini Beamer Transmitter, but be careful not to get too close! For the stove top, cook on low-medium heat until the caramel is melted. Caution: caramel can cook unevenly and be extremely hot!
4. Students can begin to work on their apple plates for the classroom apple tree. Using a small paper plate, students can use a red or green colors using crayons, paint, markers, paper tiles, etc. to decorate their plate.
5. Once the caramel is ready, students can take turns dipping their apple bites into the caramel and topping of their choice. Toppings could also be placed into a cup to be poured onto the caramel apple bites. Place the finished apple bites into the refrigerator to allow the caramel topping to become firm.
6. Hang up finished plates on the classroom apple tree.
7. Enjoy the caramel apple bites!