Creature Features

In this Remarkable Idea, students work together in learning groups to answer questions about their favorite animal.

This activity addresses:

  • Turn taking
  • Social skills
  • Reading skills
  • Science
  • Alternative methods of access

What you need:


1. Using the AbleNet Symbol Overlay Maker app create a picture symbol overlay for the BIG or LITTLE Step-by-Step that represents asking a question. Create your overlays.
2. Record the following messages to the Step-by-Step:

  • What color is the animal?
  • What size is the animal?
  • Where does this animal live? (e.g. on land, in water, in the air)
  • What does this animal eat?
  • How does this animal move?
  • Why did you choose this animal?

What to do:

1. Start by explaining to the students what they are about to do. A common script would be, “Today we are going to learn about animals. We will divide into groups of three and discuss an animal that you choose. One person will be the reader who will read the group a question about the animal you have chosen. Another student will be the recorder and will write down your group’s answers. The third person will be the reporter and they will share with the class what your group discussed.”
2. Divide the class into small groups of three students. Each group chooses a reader, recorder, and reporter.
3. Put all of the pictures of animals on a table and let each group pick one picture. The students will work together to answer the questions about their animal.
4. The reader will read the first question. For students needing assistance with speech, they can use the Step-by-Step to communicate with their group. Students in the group will discuss amongst each other and the recorder will write down their answer. Repeat this step until all questions are answered.
5. Bring all of the students back together. The reporter will share their group’s animal photo and answers to the questions about the animal they selected with the class. As the students share their information the teacher can also add fun facts about the animal.