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Election Day

In this Remarkable Idea, students will learn about elections from start to finish by participating in a class or school election.

This activity addresses:

  • Choice making
  • Social skills
  • Cause and effect
  • Alternative methods of access

What you need:

  • Box/divider/tri-fold poster for voting booth
  • Craft materials for campaign posters, buttons, etc.
    - construction paper
    - markers
    - glue
    - paper clips
  • Tissue/shoe box for ballot box
  • Note cards for voting ballots
  • Name stamp for each candidate
  • Step-by-Step
  • TalkingBrix
  • Battery operated scissors
  • My Art Spinner
  • PowerLink 4
  • Switch Adapted Bubble Machine


1. Record the steps of an election to a Step-by-Step.
2. Record the vocabulary word definitions to the TalkingBrix.
3. Create overlays using the AbleNet Symbol Overlay Maker app.

What to do:

1. Designate a “Word Whiz/Word Whizzes” to activate the TalkingBrix for each of the vocabulary words:
2. Allow students to take turns activating the Step-by-Step to learn about an election.
3. Tell the class that they are going to participate in their very own (classroom or school) election.
4. Decide how candidates will be nominated. If more than one classroom is participating in the election, this may be tricky. An alternative to nominating candidates from the class would be to create two characters to act as candidates.
5. Create campaign materials for each candidate.
6. Create campaign posters with pictures and slogans using construction paper, markers, My Art Spinner, etc.
7. Create campaign buttons by decorating button-sized construction paper. Tape a paper clip on the back so supporters can wear them!
8. Have candidates pass out their campaign materials for supporters to wear.
9. Allow candidates to choose a position (they can choose to run on a platform for real issues such as going green/alternative fuels, education, creating jobs, etc. or a more fun theme such as a pizza party, ice cream party, etc. Just make sure you come through on this promise or you might have some angry voters!)
10. Hold a “debate” where students announce their “platforms.”
Record the “platform” each candidate is running for on the TalkingBrix for each candidate.
The candidates take turns activating the TalkingBrix.
11. Hold the election.
Set up a voting booth using a box, tri-fold poster, or divider.
Place name stamps and next to each candidate's picture in the voting booth.
Place index cards next to a shoe box or tissue box to collect the votes.
12. Tally all the votes. When you announce the winner, select someone to activate the radio (with victory music) and Switch Adapted Bubble Machine (using the PowerLink 4) for the victory party.


“In order for an election to take place, there needs to be candidates.”
“Candidates are people who are nominated to participate in the election.”
“Once a candidate is chosen, they have to campaign for votes. To do this, they make T.V. commercials, make speeches, and do other things so people know they are a candidate.”
“On election day, all the voters go to their polling place and cast their vote for the candidate of their choice.”
“After everyone has voted, all the votes are counted.”
“In a Presidential election, voters elect electors to vote for the president for them.” (optional)
“The candidate with the most votes wins the election.”
“A candidate is a person who is trying to be elected.”
“To nominate means to choose someone as a candidate.”