Elementary, My Dear Watson

In this Remarkable Idea, students test their knowledge of chemical symbols by identifying the name of the element, its molecular weight, and its location on the periodic chart.

This activity addresses:

  • Science
  • Chemistry
  • Alternative methods of access

What you need:


1. Write the chemical symbols to be reviewed on the blank side of the large overlay for the All-Turn-It Spinner.
2. Divide the blank side of the small All-Turn-It Spinner overlay into three sections and label them element, molecular weight, and location on periodic chart.
3. Create overlays using the AbleNet Symbol Overlay Maker app for the QuickTalker for each chemical symbol.
4. Record each chemicals description on the QuickTalker.

What to do:

1. Have students take turns activating the All-Turn-It Spinner using the switch.
2. Students can use the QuickTalker to discuss the chemicals.
3. Students can find the chemical on the periodic chart.
4. Take turns until all chemical symbols have been reviewed.