Equity Guiding Principles


Equity is at the foundation of AbleNet, given our 35-years of experience creating solutions for individuals with disabilities. This commitment reaches further than our customers; it includes all aspects of our organization. We firmly believe our commitment to equity will help us create a more innovative and robust organization. We respect and learn from our differences. We believe in fairness, that all individuals are equal, and that everyone should have equal opportunities to achieve their goals and contribute to society.

AbleNet is critical and thoughtful about how we can impact the entire business ecosystem to improve opportunities for school systems, nonprofits, government organizations, and vendor partners. We strive to create a more equitable society for everyone.

Here are some of the ways AbleNet is helping promote equity, diversity and inclusion today:

  • AbleNet only works with recruiting firms that provide a diverse candidate pool.
  • AbleNet works with external consultants to review hiring and pay practices to ensure they are unbiased and fair.
  • AbleNet conducts regular employee training sessions on building a better understanding and appreciation for individuals’ differences.
  • AbleNet works with a local organization that provides opportunities for individuals with disabilities to obtain meaningful employment.
  • AbleNet communicates regularly with our vendor partners to ensure our guiding principles are ones that our vendor partners can commit to as well.
  • AbleNet team members are involved in numerous volunteer initiatives and nonprofit organizations within our community. We hope this work helps create a more equitable world for everyone.
  • AbleNet provides team members two days per year of flexible time off to get involved with organizations in their community, spend valuable time with family, or get involved with organizations that support their individual core beliefs.
  • AbleNet is committed to providing time off to ensure team members have the opportunity to vote in national and local elections. Team members receive the entire day off to vote in national elections and three hours off to vote in local elections. We value civic engagement and encourage participation.
  • AbleNet invests in a language translation service to better communicate with customers/suppliers/partners ensuring language access for everyone– we use Kim Tong Language Services