I Predict Partly Cloudy

I Predict Partly Cloudy

In this Remarkable Idea, students read the weather map in the daily newspaper and make a prediction of future weather based on what they have learned.

This activity addresses:

  • Science
  • Making predictions
  • Alternative methods of access

What you need:

What to do:

1. Find the weather map in the local newspaper or online.
2. Cut or print out the weather forecast.
3. Repeat this activity for four consecutive days studying location of the days´ high and low pressure systems and related weather information such as sky conditions, temperatures and wind direction.
4. On day four, students make a prediction of what the next day´s weather will be based on the trends they have observed.
5. Record the weather forecast on the Step-by-Step.
6. Students share the weather prediction for the next day with classmates by activating the message on the Step-by-Step.
7. On day five, students check current weather conditions and compare them to the prediction made the day before.

To vary the activity, study weather trends for a month or more, graph results and then use this information for a science fair display.