Knowledge Guiding Principles

Knowledge gives us confidence in how to do something, making it easier to help those around us. Knowledge also provides understanding and appreciation for those around us. AbleNet understands knowledge is powerful, and we are committed to helping individuals worldwide build their library of knowledge.

Here are some of the ways AbleNet is helping individuals build their library of knowledge:

  • Experts worldwide present on ableU and share their ideas and best practices. ableU, webinars are recorded and made available to anyone worldwide who has access to YouTube.
  • Some ableU webinars offer ASHA CEUs that speech-language pathologists can use towards their annual continuing education requirements.
  • The AbleNet customer service, ableCARE Product Success Team, funding operations, and business development teams are easy to contact by phone, email, online chat, iMessage/SMS, FaceTime, and virtual meeting to answer questions and give guidance.
  • Product guides and videos are available on and YouTube.