New Products, Better Products Guiding Principles


AbleNet is committed to developing products for individuals with disabilities that use the latest technology, are durable, and are easy to use. Also, we are committed to improving existing products with the latest technology and new features to ensure they are available for years to come.

Our robust product technology development process includes the following:

  • Surveys, ongoing customer feedback, and internal suggestions from AbleNet team members fuel ideas for new products and ways we can improve existing products.
  • Our engineering team reviews a detailed product outline to determine which technology best suits the product and which regulatory guidelines apply.
  • Our design team considers the latest design trends in consumer technology while also considering the user's accessibility needs to come up with the right blend of form and function.
  • Engineering and design teams produce a prototype that gives us a preview of how a product will function. We gather internal and external feedback to make refinements to the product.
  • Before manufacturing a product, it must undergo a set of functionality and durability tests by an internal AbleNet team and pass a rigorous set of criteria that ensure product safety by a third-party test lab.
  • Once produced, a final quality assurance check takes place before a new product is distributed worldwide to customers and our vast network of AbleNet resellers.

Some of our new technology products include:

  • My Way custom assistive technology kits
  • BIGmack, LITTLEmack, BIG Step-by-Step, LITTLE Step-by-Step, iTalk2, and Choice with an improved user experience that includes a never-lose battery door and soft-touch texture that is easier to hold
  • BIG TalkingBrix that bring all the great features of TalkingBrix 2 into a larger form-factor that is easier to see and activate
  • Duo switch accessible mouse that provides a wireless experience for almost any device
  • Improved QuickTalker Freestyle with better integrated kickstand, carrying handle, and mounting
  • BIGtrack Wireless
  • TalkingBrix 2 with improved sound and updated functionality
  • Blue2 4th Gen with an added feature for left and right mouse clicking
  • iTalk4 with Levels
  • SuperTalker FT with FeatherTouch membrane technology
  • TrackerPro 2 with updated technology
  • Mini Cup and Cup switches with IP67 water and dust protection
  • Plate switch with 350% larger activation surface
  • BIG Candy Corn proximity sensor switch
  • QuickTalker Freestyle Pro and QuickTalker Freestyle Touch communication devices