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Hitch 2

Product Number: 10000021
Plug-and-play USB computer switch interface with inputs for up to five switches or one joystick with a 9-pin D plug. Use with switch accessible software to control your computer, actively learn, and have fun.

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Hitch 2 is a plug-and-play USB computer switch interface with inputs for up to five switches or one joystick with a 9-pin D plug. When used with switch accessible software, users are able to control their computer, actively learn, and have fun. For macOS Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, or Mavericks users, turn on Switch Control for full computer access with one or multiple switches. In addition, Hitch 2 includes a mouse control mode that enables a user to control the on-screen mouse cursor with a joystick or multiple switches.
New to Hitch 2
  • Simplified user interface that includes core keystrokes commonly used by software for switch access
  • Ability to program one to four keystrokes of your choice
  • Integrated USB connection
  • Improved 9-pin D connection for joysticks
Compatible with Windows, macOS, Chrome, and Android devices with a USB connection. Requires switch accessible software.
Hitch 2.0
Issue 1: Hitch is not installing correctly.
Possible Resolution:
Hitch uses a generic USB keyboard/mouse driver that is already installed on most compatible systems. If the Hitch appears not to function with your device after initial connection we recommend:
  • Try connecting the Hitch to a different USB port of your device.
  • If using a USB hub, try plugging Hitch directly into your device.

Issue 2: A switch is not working when connected to Hitch 2.0.
Possible Resolution:
Hitch 2.0 offers the ability to connect up to 5 switches for different functions at any time. If a switch appears not to work we recommend:
  • Pay close attention to the mode LED. The LED in the same row/column that you have your switch connected to should flash each time the switch is pressed.
  • Try connecting the switch to a different switch port.
  • Try a changing to a different mode setting.
  • Try connecting a different switch, that you know works, to the same port.

Issue 3: Hitch is not working with my program.
Possible Resolution:
Hitch 2.0 is designed to emulate various keyboard and mouse functions. To ensure that your selected program can properly communicate with Hitch 2.0 please review the following:
  • Ensure the program, as well as the Hitch 2.0, are set to the same function.
  • Find or change the functionality for the program so it can respond to mouse or keyboard keystrokes available on the Hitch 2.0.
Please note: If the function the program is using is not a preset on Hitch, you may need to program Hitch 2.0 for compatibility

Issue 4:Hitch is not programming.
Possible Resolution:
Hitch 2.0 can be programmed for many alternative keyboard commands. Instructions for programming this row of functions can be found in the products Quick Start Guide here. If the Hitch 2.0 does not appear to be handling programming we recommend:
  • Ensure that the Program Switch is positioned towards the word “Program”.
  • Be sure the correct mode for programming is selected. Note: only the bottom row of Hitch 2.0 is available for custom programming (PR1 through PR5).
  • Check that the USB keyboard is securely connected to Hitch 2.0’s USB port labeled “Keyboard”.
  • Try a different keyboard. AbleNet had tried to ensure most keyboards will work for programming, but it’s always possible that some may not.

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