Farm, Farming, Farmed

Farm, Farming, Farmed

In this activity, students add endings to a root verb to create new tenses and use them in a sentence to confirm their understanding.

This activity addresses:

  • Language Arts
  • Learning verb tenses
  • Alternative methods of access

What you need:


1. Divide the All-Turn-It Spinner's large overlay into eight equal spaces. Write one verb in each space on the overlay and place it on the spinner. Examples: farm, paint, walk, jump, skip, wink, look.
2. Divide the blank side of the small overlay into three equal spaces. Write the words “past tense,” “present tense” and “future tense” on the overlay, one verb tense per space.

What to do:

1. The student spins the arrow of the All-Turn-It Spinner by activating a switch connected to it.
2. The students read the verb the arrow points to on the large overlay and the verb tense the arrow points to on the small overlay, and convert the verb into the correct form.
3. The students then use the new verb form in a sentence. For example, “The past tense of bike is biked. Yesterday I biked to the store to buy an apple.”

Alternative Options
Use the All-Turn-It Spinner to give students practice with antonyms and synonyms. Divide the small overlay into four equal spaces and write the word ANTONYM alternately with the word SYNONYM in the blank spaces. Divide the large overlay into eight equal spaces and write practice words in the blank spaces, one word per space. Students spin the Spinner and name the synonym or antonym of the word to which the arrow points