Remarkable Ideas - Classroom Activities

Adapted KWL Charts

In this activity, use this adapted KWL chart to involve all students in the learning process. KWL charts are wonderful tools to use for activating prior knowledge within your students.

Adapted Presentations

Giving a presentation is a great way to share knowledge with a large group of people. This is also a skill that, through assistive technology, students of all  abilities can participate in. This activity will demonstrate three ways to assist your students in making and giving presentations.

Bits and Pieces

In this Remarkable Idea, students decipher clues and respond with answers as they prepare for an upcoming test.

Farm, Farming, Farmed

In this activity, students add endings to a root verb to create new tenses and use them in a sentence to confirm their understanding.

Mystery Word of the Day

This is a quick Remarkable Idea you can add to the beginning of your daily routine.

Sight Word Seek and Steal

In this Remarkable Idea, students play a timed game individually or in teams to locate spelling or site words.

Word Game

In this Remarkable Idea, students take a spin on the classic word game by adding an assistive technology component and themes.

World Traveler

In this Remarkable Idea, students will learn about other countries and cultures by "traveling around the world."