Give It A Rest

In this Remarkable Idea, students will be allowed a few minutes to give their brains a rest in different ways.

This activity addresses:

  • Cause and effect
  • Mental wellness
  • Alternative methods of access

What you need:


Seventh Inning Stretch
1. Set up the computer, Jelly Bean switch, and Hitch 2 so the student can activate the switch to start the video clip.

Balloon/Beach Ball Time
1. Blow up balloons or beach balls and have the students hit them around the room.
2. Record “More!” to a BIGmack so students can let you know they want more balloons or beach balls.

Box of Tricks
1. Create a box or bag of tricks. For extra fun draw questions marks or other symbols on the outside.

Would you rather?
1.Record different scenarios to the Step-by-Step and challenge students to decide which option they would rather choose.
Examples: Would you rather ski on ice cream or swim in Jell-O?
Would you rather go to school or go to the doctor?
Would you rather have super strength or the ability to fly?
2. Record “The first one” and “The second one” to an iTalk2 so students can choose an option.

Deep Breathing
1. Record “Breathe in (pause 2-4 seconds) Breathe out” to a BIGmack.

Musical Movie Time
1. Find some classical music or instrumental movie scores for your students to listen to.
2. Many classical songs can be found here:
3. Set up the computer, Jelly Bean switch, and Hitch 2 so the student can activate the switch to start the video clip.

Simple Tasks
1. Record simple tasks that are appropriate for your students to a Step-by-Step Examples: Touch your nose, touch your ear, stick out your tongue, etc.

What to do:

Seventh Inning Stretch
1. Let your students get a good stretch. Choose a student to be in charge of starting the video using a Jelly Bean switch and Hitch 2 (set to space bar).
2. Example clip:

Balloon/Beach Ball Time
1. Begin with one ball or balloon. Students can use the BIGmack to ask for more balloons or beach balls. The idea is to get energy out, not necessarily to hit the ball to or at their classmates.

Box of Tricks
1. Pass out random objects from the Box of Tricks and ask students what they think it is, or come up with a different use for it.

Would You Rather
1. Choose one student to ask the questions using the Step-by-Step, and allow the students to answer using the iTalk2 and even discuss the questions.

Deep Breathing
1. Choose one student to lead the group by using the BIGmack to instruct students to breathe in an out.

Musical Movie Time
1. Explain to students that music can be very powerful, and can even tell a story.
2. Choose a student to start the music by pressing the Jelly Bean switch.
3. Challenge students to come up with a story to match what they are hearing.

Simple Tasks
1. Choose a student to call out directions for simple actions.
2. Student activates the Step-by-Step, and the class follows the directions as quickly as possible.


“Everyone needs time to relax, and time to have fun. Even adults. We are going to do an activity where you don’t have to work. The idea is to relax, and have fun.”

Additional suggestions:

Turning the classroom lights off, when done safely, can add to the relaxing nature of these activities.
The possibilities are endless for these types of activities.