Remarkable Ideas - Games and Fun Activities

Bowling Fun for All

In the Remarkable Idea, students will have great fun throwing a ball against the bowling pins to knock them down!

Funny Fish Jokes

In this Remarkable Idea, students have fun telling a variety of fish jokes.

Give It A Rest

In this Remarkable Idea, students will be allowed a few minutes to give their brains a rest in different ways.

Making Sunshine Shakes

In this Remarkable Idea, students identify the different ingredients used and follow recipe directions to make Sunshine Shakes. Students can share their opinion on if they liked the shakes or did not like the shakes.

Mystery Boxes

In this Remarkable Idea students will be challenged to feel disgusting items in the mystery boxes and determine what everyday items are inside. The reward for completing this challenge is a meal made of dirt and worms!

Mystery Key

In this Remarkable Idea, switch tops are used as a hiding place. It's a game for at least three players. The game can be adapted to support a wide range of curriculum goals from object permanence to social skills.

Old Time Radio

Podcasts are a popular media in today's society, but they are certainly not a new concept. In this Remarkable Idea, your students will create their own radio show or podcast.

Sensing Patterns

In this Remarkable Idea, students will explore patterns using senses other than sight.


In this Remarkable Idea, students can take be part of the school talent show. Whether that be introducing the acts through a communication aid, or looking after the special effects. Here a Student can control the background pictures for the show as students perform.