Remarkable Ideas July - September

Ideas for the month of July

Solar Cooking

In this Remarkable Idea, students will learn about the power of the sun and use the Scientific Method to conduct an experiment.

Ideas for the month of August

Getting To Know Each Other

In this Remarkable Idea, each student is given the opportunity to tell their classmates and teacher interesting facts about themselves.

Classroom Time Capsules

This is a great activity to do with students at the beginning of the school year. Each student makes a time capsule that will be opened at the end of the school year and show how they have changed throughout the year.

Ideas for the month of September

Better Breakfast Month

Did you know that Better Breakfast Month is celebrated in September? We've created a Remarkable Idea to help you celebrate! In this Remarkable Idea we'll show you how to integrate assistive technology to make a smoothie. 

Know Your Friends Game Show!

In this Remarkable Idea students will answer trivia questions about their classmates. This activity can be modified to allow for a review game of concepts taught in the classroom.

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Every year on September 19th, people around the world celebrate "International Talk Like A Pirate Day". This Remarkable Idea includes activities students can participate in and have fun celebrating this wacky day with a wide range of activities that will engage all learners. 

Here Comes Fall!

In this activity students will conduct an experiment called chromatography to see the different colors in a leaf, and discuss why leaves change color in the fall. In addition to this experiment, students will use fall colors to create marbled leaves.ut text into the page.