Pumpkin Patch | AbleNet, Inc.

In this Remarkable Idea, students learn about pumpkin patches and carve their own pumpkin.

This activity addresses:

  • Choice making
  • Social skills
  • Cause and effect
  • Fine motor skills
  • Alternative methods of access

What you need:

Carving materials

Decorating Materials

  • Paint
  • Glitter
  • Other miscellaneous art supplies
  • Black self adhesive vinyl
  • Die cut
  • Battery operated scissors


1. Choose pumpkins suitable for your students.
2. Create the “Pumpkin Patch.” This can be a section of the classroom, outside in the grass, or if you’re using mini pumpkins, a large box filled with leaves, shredded paper, etc.

What to do:

1. Allow students to choose their own pumpkin from the “Pumpkin Patch.”
2. Hollow out each pumpkin.

  • Using a knife, an adult will start begin by cutting the top of the pumpkin. Once there is enough room, remove the knife and replace it with the electric carving knife.
  • An adult will plug the electric carving knife into the PowerLink 4 as well as a Jelly Bean switch.
  • Students activate the switch to turn the electric knife on while an adult guides the knife.
  • Once the top is cut off, clean out the inside using a spoon or your hands. Allow students to each take a turn pulling the insides out of the pumpkin.
  • Dispose of insides (if you plan on toasting the seeds, set them aside).

3. Allow students to choose the shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, star, or rhombus) of the eyes, nose, and mouth for their pumpkin using a SuperTalker FT or have students randomly choose shapes for their pumpkins using an All-Turn-It Spinner and a Jelly Bean switch.
4. If carving pumpkins, guide electric knife while the students activate the Jelly Bean switch for the PowerLink 4 (save the pieces you cut out for later). If using self-adhesive vinyl, assist students with the battery operated scissors (a die cut can also be used to cut more complex shapes) to cut out the shape of their choice (save the scrap paper for later).
5. Once the pumpkins have been “carved” allow students to use the paint, glitter, and other art supplies to finish decorating their pumpkins.
6. Once all students have finished decorating their pumpkins use the pieces you cut out of the pumpkin or the scraps of vinyl and challenge students to find the match for each shape.